Key Readings for the Intermediate Dancer

I don’t actually recommend that beginners read these writings. I think they will be at best confusing, and at worst, unnecessarily influence or constrain a beginner’s sense of the form. I mean, it’s not like they’ll kill a beginner — they’re just sort of a waste of time for someone without more experience. Better to spend your time rolling around on the floor, maybe doing some crescent rolls. But for the intermediate or advanced dancer, these are useful reference points from well-established teachers1 and facilitators presenting different, important views on contact improvisation.


  1. But see note below regarding Karl Frost
  2. While I think Karl’s writing here is very cogent and valuable, he is a well-established teacher, and I’ve personally learned a lot from being taught by him, I caution those who want to study with him to first investigate his history with female students. See, e.g., “Twenty Years of Coming to Terms: Shifting from Disempowerment to Activism and Systemic Thinking“; Karl Frost Transparency Process and Accountability.

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