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Regular Jams and Classes in New York City


This page collects in one place information on all the ongoing New York City contact improvisation jams and classes, especially for out-of-town visitors who may only have a few days in town. My hope is that it is accurate, reliable, and recent — your first and only reference when you wonder, “is there a jam tonight in New York”?

Without further ado… more miscellaneous commentary after the listings. This page was last updated on Sunday, February 11, 2018:

Monday mornings: Class at 100 Grand Dance (Bill Young’s Studio), 100 Grand Street (between Mercer Street & Greene Street), 2nd floor (Buzz “Bill Young Dance / 2nd Floor”),  Manhattan (SoHo), NYC, 10am – 12 noon. $12. Buzz B to get in. Info can also be found on the 100 Grand Dance Web site. Lucia Sanchez teaches Monday, February 12, and Monday, February 19.

I no longer track the Monday night Open Movement jam, both because I’ve found it too difficult to track their schedule and because I’m uncertain about the amount of contact improvisation still done there. But I believe you can get more information about Open Movement NYC on their Facebook group page.

Entrance to 100 Grand Dance

Entrance to 100 Grand Dance

Tuesday evenings: Jam at 100 Grand Dance (Bill Young’s Studio), 100 Grand Street (between Mercer Street & Greene Street), 2nd floor (Buzz “Bill Young Dance / 2nd Floor”), Manhattan (SoHo), NYC, 7pm – 10pm. $5. Buzz B to get in. Cozy, intimate jam with committed dancers — currently one of my favorites. Usually these days I open the jam and Allan closes. Formerly on Wednesday nights, this jam moved permanently to Tuesday nights starting April 2013. This replaced the Tuesday night “lab” or “working group.” As with the Saturday jam, usually the first hour is a little slow, with people stretching and easing into the jam, but things pick up around 8pm. I can often give a little intro to CI or share some tips if you show up at 7pm.

Wednesday evenings: Class at Eden’s Expressway, 537 Broadway (between Prince Street & Spring Street), 4th Floor, Manhattan (SoHo), NYC, 6:30pm – 8:30pm. $14 (discounts if you buy multiple classes in advance). Buzz 4 and the green arrow to get in. Local teachers including Tim O’Donnell, K.J. Holmes, and Charlie Mosey, usually rotating on a monthly basis. Offered through Movement Research — more info on the Movement Research classes page. I recommend that you show up around 10 minutes early to do registration, payment, and get yourself settled in. Tim O’Donnell teaches in February.

Thursday evenings: “Contact Improvisation – The Basics” class at Gibney Dance Center (280 Broadway branch), 53 Chambers St., Manhattan, New York City, 6pm – 8pm. The entrance is NOT at 280 Broadway as listed everywhere, but at 53 Chambers Street, around the corner to the southeast. (This is the former Dance New Amsterdam location.) $14 (discounts if you buy multiple classes in advance). Offered through Movement Research — more info on the Movement Research classes page. You can use a Gibney class card, but then it will end up costing more. Sarah Konner teaches in February.

Saturday afternoons: Jam at Eden’s Expressway, 537 Broadway (between Prince Street & Spring Street), 4th Floor, Manhattan (SoHo), NYC, 1:30pm – 4:30pm. $5. Buzz 4 and the green button to get in. Silent (no music) jam, currently the biggest jam in NYC. More dancerly dancers (as opposed to pure contact dancers) show up at this one. Also lots of out-of-towners from around the world. I sometimes find the space a little small, but it’s worth it to stop by this jam if you’re in town, especially since you never know who will show up. Don’t be too intimidated by the crowds of tourist shoppers on Broadway and the relatively unmarked entrance — the entrance really is there, just to the left of the Guess store. Charlie Mosey usually facilitates this jam. First hour is often slow, but that means there’s lots of space! — which is much scarcer by 2:30pm. Photography, video recording, or audio recording of the jam in any way is not allowed.

Second Sunday afternoons: Underscore NYC at Eden’s Expressway, 537 Broadway (between Prince Street & Spring Street), 4th Floor, Manhattan (SoHo), NYC, 2pm – 5:45pm. $10 suggested donation. Underscore practice second Sunday of the month. The Underscore is hard to explain if you haven’t done it… it’s basically a somewhat structured group contact improvisation experience. Participants should plan to arrive on time and stay until the end. It’s a good idea to join the Facebook group “Underscore NYC” if you’re interested in this. People who have not attended an Underscore “talk-though” before should attend one, which generally start at 2pm in the space. Underscore itself starts at 3pm and goes until 5:45pm; this is a change starting 2018. Upcoming Underscores on February 11, March 11, April 8, and May 13. More information about the monthly underscore on the Underscore NYC Facebook page and the Movement Research Underscore page.

More about this page

This page does NOT contain short-term workshops, multi-session progressive classes/courses, or other non-recurring events. If you would like to inform others of those events, please post a comment. Events must be related to contact improvisation, and I’ll remove expired events. I’ve exercised my own judgment as to what is a contact improvisation jam or class; I have not included barefoot boogies, ecstatic dances, or similar events where people may or may not do contact improvisation.

While you are free to distribute the information above, please do not copy the descriptions (or anything else on this page) without permission and attribution. They constitute my views and original work.

I started this page because although New York City has one of the biggest and most active contact improvisation scenes in the world, few people in New York (let alone visitors) seemed to know about everything that was going on. You had to do research and digging to find out about events, and if you have the goal that I do, that contact improvisation should be accessible to everyone, this seemed like a problem. If you find this page helpful, please spread the word and tell others about it.

On accessibility in a different sense: for those who may have various physical disabilities, I’ve added a section on the physical Accessibility of the various venues in NYC. If you have suggestions on how to improve this section, I would love to hear them.


Unfortunately, many of our New York City contact venues are not very accessible. This is something to work on.

Bill Young’s Studio (100 Grand Dance): poor. Bill Young’s Studio is up a step and up two flights of stairs through some fairly heavy doors, none of which are automatic. However, after the first step and two doors, there is an elevator. We’ve been able to get a wheelchair in and out of the space with some teamwork.

Eden’s Expressway: poor. Eden’s Expressway is on a fourth-floor walk-up. Ground floor entrance is up a step behind some narrow manual doors. There is very small service elevator directly inside the front door that can be sent down and called up from the fourth floor, and opens into a small space used for changing inside Eden’s Expressway. The elevator doors on the fourth floor open at a right angle to those on the ground floor, and there’s not much room to maneuver, but I’m told that it “does its job” for those in wheelchairs.

E-mail Lists, Facebook groups, etc.

  • Many but not all NY notices go to the “contactnyc” Yahoo group. This is a great Yahoo group to sign up for no matter where you live — it gets announcements from around the world of all kinds of contact events. And it’s the main e-mail group for the NYC contact community.
  • Facebook group started by Jesse Johnson as a NYC umbrella group, “Contact Improv NYC.”
  • The monthly Underscore practice has a Facebook page, “Underscore NYC“.
  • The Monday night Open Movement Jam has a Facebook page.

For convenience

I’ve made several redirects to this page for easy-to-remember shorthand:


61 comments for “Contact improvisation in NYC

  1. Shana Deane
    2017/03/18 at 02:29

    fyi: tried to email – and said it’s having a temporary problem. trying to find out if parcon is happening this sunday, 3/19/2017. thanks!

  2. richard
    2017/03/18 at 10:04

    No parcon this Sunday. I’ll try to make sure the e-mail is fixed.

  3. gina garoogian
    2017/03/27 at 13:46

    Just wondering how to confirm these jams are happening next week. I will be visiting for a few weeks and would like to check out your local jams. Thanks! Also how could I get the phone #s to call and verify my self. Thanks!

  4. richard
    2017/03/27 at 14:15

    So I understand your concern given the typical haphazard nature of CI jams. But really, this page is meant to address that concern. Note the “updated” date at the top of the page. That’s manually updated, not automatic. I’ve updated the page manually based on the latest information.

    But if you want more assurance about any of the events listed: (1) most if not all of the classes have links to the organization that hosts the classes, which you can e-mail or call, (2) for the jams, you can post to the Facebook group Contact Improv NYC for assurance from the community that it’s happening, or (3) you can post to the Yahoo group contactnyc. Links to those groups are at the bottom of the page.

    All jams are scheduled to proceed on Tuesdays and Saturday for the near future. We rarely cancel, even on holidays. Classes are a little bit more unpredictable, but again, you can follow up with the specific organizations.

  5. Shana Deane
    2017/05/14 at 22:32

    hi dear,
    is the parcon info not on this blog anymore?

  6. richard
    2017/05/14 at 23:57

    Sadly not. Open parcon classes or practices haven’t been at a regular enough time/date for me to list them on this blog. If they become regularly-scheduled again in the future, I’ll put them back.

  7. Nikki young
    2017/08/30 at 20:13

    Hello :)

    My name is Nikki, and I’m from England, in a Dance graduate and will in New York next week!

    I was hoping to come to the Tuesday jam, as it sounds amazing

    Are they open just to turn up and join in, or is there anything I should do before hand?

    Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you

  8. richard
    2017/08/31 at 00:55

    Hi Nikki, you just show up anytime between 7pm and 10pm. If you’ve never done contact improvisation before, it may be a good idea to try a class first, but it’s not necessary. Make sure to bring comfortable, loose clothing that you don’t mind getting sweaty and rolling around in. And it’s a good idea to bring water, since there isn’t a water fountain in the space (though you can fill water bottles in the bathroom sink).

  9. Anna
    2017/11/05 at 10:40

    Thank you for your work! I´m from Munich, Germany and it is really cool to find those informations so easily!

  10. Bea
    2017/12/12 at 02:45

    Do you know if the Saturday jam is happening on December 23?
    Thanks, Bea

  11. richard
    2017/12/12 at 03:21

    The Saturday jam is almost certainly happening on December 23 — the Tuesday and Saturday jams pretty much never cancel. But I’ll try to get confirmation in the next week or two.

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