Class recap: Contact Improvisation: Weight-Sharing & L.A. Style! (2/3) [rough]

Recap of 2-hour class at City Life Wellness in Brooklyn, NY, on Thursday, April 12, 2012.


  • Investigation of Body, manipulations
  • Pulling Bodies through spirals
  • Bouncing up and down [Stefan Fabry]
  • Walking
    • released, sensation of as little effort as possible, falling forward
      • not a New York walk
    • faster
    • faster
  • Brushing against, back of head, having people fall [Martin Keogh]
    • then falling with
    • then following down
    • then pushing into to get back up

Practicing getting up and down with people

Elevator [Gretchen Spiro]

  • elevator plus tipping and rolling off

Tabletop pt. 1 — tipping progression

  • pushing down on
  • Overdancer A moves self to tipping point, slides off underdancer B
    • B can help A by going down, then go into a surfing move
  • A tells B to tip A
    • B will help down
    • generally tipping is easier when you turn a leg out at 90 degrees
  • B tips A back and forth, trying to keep A on

Tabletop pt. 2 — integration

  • A plays around on B
  • gradually B becomes more active, integrates other movements
  • Stefan Fabry leg trick (extending leg straight back to break a fall)

Talk, check-in

Passing around 2×4 [Stefan Fabry]

  • person stands in middle up straight, we pass this person around

Moving point of contact through torso

  • rolling up and down on wall on back
    • try on side
    • move all around
  • with partner in figure 8
    • make sure you’re peeling away from the point, but keeping weight into it
    • especially with the lower back
  • let it go to an open dance
    • wait; inhale, exhale and release into the point of contact

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