CQ back issues on sale through Jan. 1, 2014

Contact Quarterly (CQ) has announced a number of items on sale for the holidays, including a pretty great deal: 10 back issues of CQ of your choosing for $20, which is pretty much dirt-cheap given the size and production values of the magazine. Regular price is $5.

You choose from the stock of in-print issues up through vol. 36 #1 (2011). The selection goes  back to 1978, but is not totally comprehensive. Nevertheless, a nice chance to fill in key issues in your collection.

I’m afraid that I haven’t gone through enough CQs to recommend any favorites — one someday post should be “The 10 best issues of CQ.” But I have a lot of reading to do first.

There’s a number of other sale deals through January 1, including a discounted price on Caught Falling, a book about Nancy Stark Smith and her life in contact improvisation, written by David Koteen and Nancy. It includes a documentation of the Underscore, which is very slightly outdated now following the addition or one or two new glyphs, but is the only reference for the Underscore I know of in print. Caught Falling is discounted from $33 to $23.10.

Other discounts on a few books, videos, and kneepads. There’s unfortunately no Web page that collects all the sale items, but you can browse through the Contact Quarterly Web site to see what’s available.

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