Earthdance Diversity Scholarship – deadline Monday (Sept. 14)

Somehow in my promotion of this, I’ve completely forgotten to post it on my own blog.

Earthdance, the famed retreat center in Western Massachusetts where much contact is danced, taught, and lived, is giving out Diversity Scholarships to the October 2015 Falling Leaves Jam. The deadline to apply is coming up next Monday, September 14.

Earthdance is looking for applications from members of under-represented groups who have not previously attended an Earthdance seasonal jam. It’s worth noting that while “under-represented” could include groups along measures traditionally associated with diversity and affirmative action — ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, etc. — the scholarship invites applicants to define for themselves how they may be a member of an under-represented group. I’m always interested in the under-representation that we may not be seeing… in part because we aren’t members of that group.

Scholarship recipients will receive free tuition and room & board at the jam, in addition to transportation and orientation support.

Many, many more details, including how to apply, at The application process is fairly simple and straightforward, although it does include getting a recommendation from an experienced dancer.

To support the Diversity Scholarship, you can apply, tell a friend to apply, or consider donating to support the scholarship.

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