Last “Rigorous Basics” class: more surfing, lift prep, and avoiding lifts!

There’s one more sessions left of “Rigorous Basics,” this Tuesday, December 26, from 6:30pm – 8:30pm. This is the Tuesday night “Contact Improvisation Basics” series in NYC, with monthly rotating teachers—I hand off to Julianne Cariño in January.

I’ve been calling my month of classes “Rigorous Basics.” The idea is to take a detailed, systematic approach to CI basics. “Rigorous” doesn’t mean physically strenuous. But it does mean relatively information-dense, and detailed. My hope is to give you something in each class that’s coherent and fits into a larger system, rather than a set of different ideas that you need to integrate on your own.

This Tuesday’s class topics were selected by the attendees last week. Those topics are:

  • Advanced Surfing Basics: what are different ways to get out of surfing? What are things you can do when you’ve been rolled off of someone, or when you’ve rolling someone off you?
  • Pre-lift fundamentals: preparatory exercises for lifting and being lifted
  • Avoiding being lifted: how do you keep someone from lifting you when you don’t want to be lifted?

Note that due to the spike in Covid cases in NYC and holiday travel, masks will be mandatory for the next two weeks, in addition to the pre-existing vaccination requirement.

Some details:

WHO: Richard Kim (me)
WHAT: Teaching “Rigorous Basics” contact improvisation classes. Drop-in classes, 2 hours each
WHERE: 100 Grand Dance, 100 Grand St (second floor), Manhattan (SoHo), NYC
WHEN: Tuesday, December 27. 6:30pm-8:30pm each time.
COST: $20 at the door, cash or Venmo.


  • Buzz “Bill Young 2F” at the door to get in, go past the elevator, through the doors, and up the staircase to get up to the second-floor landing.
  • Vaccinations and masks are required.
  • These are Basics classes, so are meant to be appropriate for those new to contact improvisation, although any level of experience is welcome.

Hope to see you there!

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