Support Diversity, Get a Private CI Lesson

For the next two weeks, to help fundraise for the Earthdance Diversity Scholarship Fund to the Falling Leaves Jam, I’m offering private contact improvisation lessons if you make a donation to the Diversity Scholarship Fund.

For a donation of only $40, you can get an hour-long private CI lesson from me, in a park or in a studio of your booking. You can even split the cost with a friend or a few friends. And I’m willing to work out deals for shorter or longer times than an hour, or other variations.

What you’ll get:

  • An hour-long private CI lesson, in a park of your choosing or a studio of your booking.
  • A chance to support diversity in CI. Donations will be matched by the generous offer of Donna Mejia, so the impact of your contribution will be doubled!

How this will work:

  • You contact me to let me know you’re interested in a lesson by Thursday, October 22 — the sooner the better. You can e-mail scholarship AT contactimprovblog DOT com, or you can drop a comment below with your e-mail, and I’ll e-mail you back privately. (If you’re really interested, I may give some additional lessons for people contacting me after October 22.)
  • Once I reply to your e-mail, you make the donation to the Diversity Scholarship Fund here. You must make your donation by Sunday, October 25.
  • We can then schedule a lesson.


  • I’ll meet you for a lesson anywhere within the New York City accessible by the subway system.
  • I’m happy to give a lesson in a park somewhere; otherwise if you book a studio or have another place, we can meet there.
  • You can split the lesson and cost of the lesson with others, as long as all money goes to rental or Earthdance — no profiting by charging others more.
  • If by November 1 you haven’t scheduled a lesson with me, I may refuse to give a lesson, at my discretion, and you will not get a refund of your donation from Earthdance. I won’t be a jerk about this, but I don’t want to keep things open forever or have to chase after people. Just make sure to be in contact with me before November 1. We can schedule the lesson itself for after November 1.
  • If you don’t live in the NYC area, we can do it when you’re next in town. If you’re planning on attending the Falling Leaves Jam this year, we can maybe do a lesson there — but it will likely need to be late at night or early in the morning, when we won’t be in other people’s way. Get in contact with me and we can discuss it.

Your donation will help fund multiple scholarship recipients to the Earthdance Falling Leaves Jam.

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